Sonntag, 29. August 2010

PS3 has been succesfully hacked! Copy games to harddrive!

According to multiple sources, it seems as if the PS3 has been 'hacked' with a new commercial USB Device called the 'PS Jailbreak'. This seems like the modern day 'HD Loader' and will allow owners to dump all original PS3 games onto a FAT32 hard drive and play the game entirely from there. There is an official website for the product, a retailer has released a couple of videos of it, plus a number of 'hackers' have confirmed it is the real deal. Although there is still the chance that it doesn't perform as expected, so keep an open mind. This is surely a major blow to Sony as the device is apparently plug n' play and works on the latest firmware. *Update* - More details revealed including claims that it will run games 2x faster than Blu-ray, support homebrew and will be fully updateable - a second video has just been released too. And another update, a new up close picture has been revealed. All the details inside!

PS3 Hacked


#1 vid by OzModChips

#2 dumping a game

#3 second video for "doubsters" by OzModChips


Unfortunately i sold my PS3 two weeks ago. Sucks. :-(

Smartphones Are About to Go Hyperspeed!

Qualcomm's current 1GHz Snapdragon is the muscle that makes the Nexus One so fantastically speedy, but Qualcomm isn't sitting on their laurels—they just announced two new chips that are going to power the next great mobile devices.

First up is the single-core Snapdragon 8X50A, a 45nm chip that's essentially the next version of the 1GHz chip in the Nexus One. It's clocked at 1.3GHz. But what we're really excited about is the dual-core 8X72, which uses two Scorpion cores to achieve 1.5GHz. Luis Pineda, Senior VP at Qualcomm, assures that the 8X72 is suitable for smartphones (not just smartbooks or netbooks) and can handle 1080p video. Both the 8X50A and 8X72 will be out this year, going head to head with the Tegra 2.


Samstag, 28. August 2010

Starting Blog

Hey everyone,

after reading some blogs i decided to make my own!

Topics are about interesting stuff i got from all over the web and my personnel interests ;)

have fun reading my blog!